Client Feedback About Our Electrical Services

Randy and Jodi Fultz

Excellent, Fast Service! Will definitely recommend to others!

Amy Wensel

Extremely efficient, timely and fair price.


Wendy Weaver

Brad Meixel came to the rescue for my mother-in-law yesterday! Quick service! Thank you B.A Meixel. I would recommend them to anyone who needs any electrical work or Troubleshooting.


Ryan Linder

Needed our panel replaced. Was done quickly and came in below the estimate. Great work!


Hang Alan Lin

They did a great job installing security cameras at my parent’s restaurant. The guys are extremely professional! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has electrical needs


Kathleen Shearer Way

We had what we thought was an AC issue but our AC repairman said we needed an electrician and recommended B.A. Meixel. We had an electrician within the hour. As the electrician was working on the unit, I asked him if I could pray over it and he said of course. The unit was working quickly, we were charged a very reasonable fee, and I saw honesty, intergrety, and expertise with every part of our service. We didn’t have an electrician before but we do now! Great experience!



Caleb Trott

Great service. Quality work. Did the job on a last minute notice. Very professional.

Shelley Moore

B.A. Meixel relocated our service entrance and meter box from one side of the house to the other. They were super quick to provide a quote, communicated with PPL (so I didn't have to) and sent me a refund when the actual work came in lower than the estimate. They were wonderful and I would use them again!

Barney Penton

When we were hit with severe wind and lost our weather head and our electric service .i called BA Meixel electrical, the next morning they were there and replaced our weather head and restored our electrical service. Very professional techs, and the price was reasonable, highly recommend these guys. Will use them again anytime I need professional electricians

Jeff Mckinney

They show up billed proper an made repair