Cost-Effective Lighting Services for Homes and Businesses

B.A. Meixel Electrical, Inc. is your local lighting expert. Specializing in custom-design lighting and energy-saving techniques, we have over 15 years of experience serving commercial and residential customers all throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. Located in Jersey Shore but serving the additional areas of Lock Haven and Williamsport, we provide dependable service for all your interior and exterior lighting needs. We offer many kinds of lighting fixtures and they are available to all our commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional clients. Let our electricians help you enhance the look of your space with quality lighting services and impressive energy saving products.

Energy and Money-Saving Services

  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Act 129 Discounts
  • Competitive Warranties
  • Diminish Monthly Electricity Expense
  • Five or Less Years ROI
  • Utility Companies Incentives
  • Instant, Easy-to-Track Savings
  • Improved Light Quality
  • Upgrades With Easily Found Replacement Parts

Surge Suppression

  • Protects From Costly Equipment Damage
  • Provides Highest Level Protection With Lowest Voltage
  • Optimal Efficiency and Performance
  • New LED lights can be susceptible to damage from surges.

Lighting Options Offered:

LED Interior/Exterior Lighting

  • Parking Lot/Pole Lights
  • Canopy Lights
  • Wall Packs and Track Lights
  • Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs
  • Downlighting
  • Landscape Lighting

Custom Lighting

  • Decor and Specialty Lighting
  • Security/Landscape Lighting
  • Kitchenette and Bathroom Lighting
  • Festive Seasonal Lighting
  • Accent and Track Lighting
  • Installed Timers and Dimmers
  • Downlighting

For all your lighting needs, from custom-made designs to energy-saving products and techniques, we at B.A. Meixel Electrical, Inc. offer everything you need to efficiently illuminate your space. Jersey Shore, Central Pennsylvania, and Northeastern Pennsylvania businesses and homeowners trust us to design, install, and maintain quality lighting equipment that conserves energy and saves you money. For inquiries on our lighting services, please call us at (570) 398-7837.