With over 10 years servicing North Central Pennsylvania we have built business relationships with home owners and businesses in Jersey Shore, Williamsport, Lock Haven, Montoursville, Muncy and surrounding communities.  Call us today for an estimate or consultation on your electrical project.

You can Trust B. A. M. Electrical trained electricians for all your electrical Construction or Service needs.  We offer prompt service calls, free estimates on projects, and professional installation.

Upgrades and Improvements

Upgrades And Improvements Not Only Increase The Value And Status Of Your Home Or Business, They Help You Save Money and Energy While Increasing Your Property’s Safety and Security. No Matter What Kind Of Electrical Upgrades And Improvements You Need, B.A.M. Electrical Will Take Care Of You. Give Us A Call Today To Make An Appointment!

You can depend upon B.A.M. Electrical to address all your electrical project needs.

Unmatched Warrantees

All B.A.M. Electrical workmanship is covered by inidustry leading warranties

We take pride in our quality workmanship so, you can count on us to cover any project after completion to be sure you recieved a safe, reliable electrical installation.


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